Gemini Preparatory School
Established 1983



 9am – 3pm                      £31.50

 9am - 1pm                       £21

Agreed hours outside 9am-3pm = £5.25 per hour

Discounted Full days 9am – 3pm


10% discount         3 days = £85.05              

15% discount         4 days = £107.10            

20% discount         5 days = £126.00   Equivalent to one full day free per week!!!


Funded Children

No discounts will apply to funded children as the rate received from the government for each child is only £3.55 per hour. Therefore extra hours and the six weeks not covered by the free early education will be invoiced at the full rate £5.25 per hour as per your contract.


As you should be aware the funding is only for 38 weeks of the year and Gemini is open for 44 weeks in the year so you shall be invoiced in full for the 4 weeks during the summer holidays and two other weeks throughout the year.



Siblings - £4 per hour

All siblings of children who currently attend Gemini and are not receiving Free Early Education Funding will be charged a discounted rate of £4 per hour. Once the eldest child is receiving the free early education funding the younger sibling’s fees will revert to the standard fees detailed above.